Literature Circles

Now it is time to see my best work so far for my new book. I think i have done better this term. I think that last term my work could have been better.

This is my favourite piece. click on the picture for the best view of my work.



I chose this piece because I like the way I set out my work, and the way I used colour to make my piece look bright and colourful.Also I chose this piece because in my summary I wrote the main ideas that happen in the story.

Literature Circles

Today all the grade 5’s at Apollo started literature circles. I am in a group with Alexa,Kynan,Demetrius,Lara and Hamza. We are reading Elephant road. I am book copy 2.

I am really excited about reading this book. This book is about a elephant in Africa.

Here is a picture of the book we are reading.


Leadership Talk


Today our principal, Mrs Montgomery came to the grade 5 classrooms to talk about leadership.

Some of the things that Mrs Montgomery talked about was, that when you are a leader you need to make sure that you listen to the people around you which in this case it’s our peers. And to trust the people around you. Make sure your honest. Always work in a team to solve problems.

I learnt alot about leadership and what it takes to become a leader, what did you learn?

diamanté Poems



Today 5R went into 5V to learn about diamanté poems. This is my Diamanté poem about Stars and Clouds. I learnt that diamanté poems should end up looking like a diamond. I had lots of fun making the poem. This is my 3rd poem rotation. There is one left see you next time.

Greensborough college

On the 15th of October, Greensborough college came to perform for us.We all enjoyed the performance and I enjoyed every second of it. I think that Cedar sang the best out of everyone. I really enjoyed the band playing to ‘ Rolling In The Deep.’ When they were playing the music sounded like someone was singing, but actually I found out that it was auctually Erin and Lily-Jade singing.

We all had a great day when Apollo went to Montmorency Secondary College. It was Leadership Day. We did a bunch of fun activities, but of course we learnt about Leadership.

I was in the Light Green group. My favourite activity has to be International jewel Hiest.It was my favourite activity becausewe got to run around and tag people. It was very much like Cops and Robbers.

I learnt a lot about using teamwork, and using commuication. When ever they asked us which one was the leadership roll was, everyone were firing questions at the leaders.

I had a lot of fun, what was your favourite activity?

Welcome to my blog!!!

Hello visitors,

Welcome to my blog! On my blog you are going to see alot of the things we do in class, and a litttle bit of extra things now and then.

I am very very excited about using the 1:1 Ipad program. I am excited about reading and replying to all your quality comments, I also hope your using the blogging guidlines . I am so excited to have my own blog!

I hope you comment!

From Mila

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